Nut Cake and Wildbird Feast

Our Classic Original Formula.

Premium seed and tree nuts make these suet-sized cakes irresistible to birds. Contains tree nuts, black oil sunflower, sunflower hearts and a dash of white millet. No mess - never melt.

Nut Cake – Small

Use these seed and pecan blocks  in the Mr.Bird’s NeatFeeder (item 801) or in…

NutCake – Large

This is the standard large-size seed block in the Mr.Bird line. We have found that…

Golden Safflower Feast

Attract More Birds.

Our 100% Golden Safflower cylinder, cakes, and bells attract a greater variety of birds than regular safflower due to the thinner shell. Squirrels generally DON’T like safflower.

Golden Safflower – Bell

These bells contain 100% golden safflower. Excellent for squirrel prone areas, as squirrels generally don’t…

Safflower Feast

Attracts Beautiful Birds.

100% safflower. Attracts cardinals, grosbeaks, house finches and more. Squirrels, grackles, sparrows, and starlings generally DON’T like safflower.

Flaming Hot Feast

Birds like it. Squirrels Don’t.

This 100% seed cylinder will feed the birds while keeping the squirrels away. What makes this product special is the formula; sunflower hearts, peanuts, golden safflower, mealworms and it is extra spicy.

This product contains a strong eye, nose, and skin irritant. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling and keep out of reach of children.

Bugs, Nuts & Fruit

A Delectable Feast.

A delectable feast for an amazing variety of wild birds. This formula is sure to attract your favorite feathered friends with its fantastic blend of mealworms, pecans, sunflower hearts, raisins, and cranberries. BUG APPETIT!

Pecan Feast

Richest Pecan Formula Available.

An amazing variety of birds will visit Mr. Bird’s pecan feast. There is nothing more attractive to chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches. Four parts pecans and one part peanuts make these cylinders the richest available.

Woodpecker Feast

Attracts Woodpeckers.

A feast of tree nuts, peanuts, raisins and black oil sunflower keeps beautiful and interesting woodpeckers coming back for more. Contains the rich food that woodpeckers love.


Extremely easy to use with the seed cylinder refills.

Once sold, you gain repeat customers. This seed block holder is a model for efficiency and simplicity. Your birds will love it, they are not limited to a few seed ports so it is common to see a dozen birds at once on this feeder. A little hook at the bottom of the feeder allows you to hang a suet basket, tube feeder, or even another EZFeeder below your feeder.

Cylinder Feeder

Extremely easy to use with all seed cylinders.  Once sold, you gain repeat customers. Just…


Extremely easy to use with all seed cylinders.  Once sold, you gain repeat customers. Just…


Heavy duty, vinyl-coated steel basket with hanging chain for Mr.Bird small cakes. Use with items…

NeatFeeder XL

Heavy duty, vinyl-coated steel basket with hanging chain for Mr.Bird large cakes. Use with items…

Rain Guard

9 1/2 inch diameter powder coated steel. This Mr.Bird Rain Guard will help protect your…

Seed Bell Hanger

Seed Bell Hanger to fit all Mr. Bird seed bells. LOW cost HIGH margin. An…

Squirrel Guard

21″ steel guard that WILL protect bird feeders from squirrels. Made in the USA!