WildBird Feast Cylinder Large

Item Number: 172
UPC: 63008800172-1
Weight480.00000042329 oz
Dimensions:6 × 6 × 7.75 in
Compatible Feeders

800 or 803

Case Quantity


Packaging Information

Shrink Wrapped

This all-purpose seed blend is perfect for wild bird feeding.  Simply slide the Mr.Bird WildBird Feast on the EZFeeder (item 800) or on any platform feeder. Huge size means this block will last for days and days, no more running out to refill the feeders every day.

What makes this product special is the formula; PECANS, black-oil sunflower, sunflower hearts, and just a dash of white millet. You will see the quality and the dramatic results in your own yard.

Just what your customers want, more birds and a greater variety of birds. And just what you want, customers that return time and time again just to keep their little birds happy.

Attracts birds much more quickly than suet and without the problem of melting in the summer heat. Great for year-round bird feeding.

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