Sharing the Gift of Birds.

Started on a kitchen counter, Mr.Bird is now one of the largest seed block and bird seed gift manufacturers in the nation.

When you talk to us you are talking to "bird-people". We've been in your shoes; buying and selling bird products at retail, always looking for quality products that the customers will love that they can't pick up in every discount store. We know what it is like to deal with difficult vendors and vow that we will never be considered anything but pleasant and easy to work with. We value every account no matter the size.

Birdie Chalet 700
Birdie Chalet 700

Thousands of dealers, hundreds of thousands of individuals, and millions of birds prove Mr.Bird is irresistible to wild birds.

There is nothing in the world we would rather be doing than making quality products to help people enjoy nature. So please, feed the birds, they're hungry....

Birds are in Our Nature

We started Mr.Bird in 1996 when we owned an independent wild bird supply store in San Antonio, Texas. In helping our customers we could see a demand for a better way to feed birds; loose seed would often be wasted and suet would melt in our hot summers.

Also, for some reason, birds in our area just wouldn't eat suet. So our first seed and nut blocks were designed to train birds to come to the suet feeders, once the birds were used to the feeder they could then be switched to suet. Imagine our surprise when no one wanted to make the change to suet. Our blocks looked good, felt good, smelled good, and the birds went crazy for them. Why mess with messy suet?

The only complaint about our first birdseed block was its small size. We quickly designed and introduced our three sizes of cylinders with a totally original holder. Now birds were not limited to a few seed ports on a feeder and now seed couldn't be thrown to the ground to sprout and attract unwanted critters. A better way to feed was truly at hand.

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