Burning Love Small Cylinder – NEW ITEM – Available NOW

Item Number: 828
UPC: 63008800828-8
Case Quantity


Compatible Feeders

800 or 803

Packaging Information

Barrier Packaging

Hearts on fire! There’s lot to love about this new product! The sunflower hearts loved by a wide variety of birds, while the HOT pepper will repel squirrels. no hulls mean no mess around your feeder.

Hang with provided net or on a Mr. Bird EZFeeder (Item 800) or Cylinder Feeder (item 803).

No waste, no mess, never melt. Attracts birds much more quickly than suet and without the problem of melting in the summer heat. Great for year-round bird feeding.

This product contains a strong eye, nose and skin irritant (hot pepper).  Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling and keep out of reach of children.

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