Mission San Antonio de Valero

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Dimensions:9 × 5.5 × 8 in
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Clear polybag closed with artificial pine bough or red raffia.

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The Alamo! The Cradle of Texas Liberty.

Founded 1718 San Antonio, Texas.

This house commemorates the Mission San Antonio de Valero, the site of the famous battle of the Texas revolution where Commander William Travis, Colonel James Bowie, Congressman Davy Crockett and 180 odd troops fell to the Mexican dictator Santa Anna.


Delicious and delectable premium birdseed and nuts coat this durable wooden bird house. Once the seed is consumed the birds may nest in this house for many seasons to come.

What to expect:

The seed may attract;  sparrows, doves, chickadees, cardinals, titmice, finches, jays, and numerous other seed eating birds.

Wrens, chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers, sparrows, and other birds may use the house for nesting once the seed is gone.


For feeding hang the house from a tree limb or hanger near your favorite window so that you may enjoy the birds as they come to feed. As with all bird seed, best results will be obtained when protected from rain and squirrels.

For nesting  hang the house in a secluded part of the yard or mount it to a post or tree trunk six to ten feet from the ground. Many birds prefer that their house not swing in the wind.

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