Pecan Feast Cylinders Large

Item Number: 572
UPC: 63008800572-9
Compatible Feeders

800 or 803

Case Quantity


Packaging Information

Shrink Wrapped


6" x 6" x 7 3/4"

This dual-purpose seed block is four parts pecans and one part peanuts.  Mount on the Mr.Bird’s EZFeeder (item 800). Large size means this block will last for days and days, no more running out to refill the feeders constantly.

There is nothing on the market that is more attractive to Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatches, and Woodpeckers. We also have many reports of various warblers, wrens, kinglets, mockingbirds, and even bluebirds eating our Pecan Feast. These blocks are ALL NUT, no fillers – your birds (and squirrels) will love these. No waste, no mess, never melt.

Just what you have been searching for, more birds and a greater variety of birds. And just what you want, no waste or mess under the feeder.

Our primary goal at Mr.Bird is to make a product that is attractive to the BIRDS! Because the birds love it, you will love it.  What could be better than seeing more birds and a greater variety of birds in your yard.

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Extremely easy to use with the seed cylinder refills.  Once sold, you gain repeat customers.